Anatomy of a salvage

September 21, 2012

MSC Flaminia is now back in Germany after a major fire in it’s cargo hold. This incident claimed the lives of two sailors, and lead to the crew abandoning the ship in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. They were rescued by another ship, and the ship was salvaged, and as now been towed back to Germany. Now the cargo salvage is to be carried out. You can read an excellent…


News “deja vu”

May 22, 2012

Sorel Tracy on the St Lawrence We finally made it down to our anchorage off of Sorel-Tracy, just east of Montreal. Unfortunately, we did not have internet access, much to my chagrin. I resorted to going on small boat rides, frequently pestering the locals, to get my connected fix for the day. As it turns out, the only coffee shop in town closes at 5 pm, a serious criminal offence…


Another day another MSC ship aground

October 14, 2011

MSC is, once again, at the centre of a maritime accident, this time the the ship is the MV Rena, off the coast of New Zealand; I am sure you are aware of it by now, its still an interesting story. The ship is officially owned by Daina Shipping of Greece, part of Costamare. According to the press release… ” The RENA was built in 1990, and has a deadweight…


Sicily get’s kicked

June 19, 2010

Some habits dies hard. Take for instance, Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.’s (MSC) adventures on the St Lawrence river. As I type this, the MSC Sicily is proceeding to Montreal under close escort of Ocean Groupe’s Montreal based tugs, Ocean Intrepide, and Ocean Jupiter. Earlier today, the MSC Sicily suffer some sort of blackout, and loss steering, while under way in the St Lawrence river. The ship went out of the…


Don’t think mooring lines are dangerous…

March 11, 2009

Here is the brand new MSC Fantasia, in Palma de Mallorca Spain, when the bollards failed due to high wind load on the ship and mooring lines, sending them flying. What a fascinating sight to see. A passenger was thrown in the water and four dedicated crew jump in after him. Good on them. MSC Fantasia crew rewarded for braveryTuesday, 10 Mar 2009 11:05, Travel bites Four crew members who…