Warning to the world (Thanks Mr. Harper)

July 11, 2012

All my shipmates, except myself and the Captains, have been given lay off notices; for us its just a matter of time before we get ours as well. It seems that the vessel is unable to find work in these parts. Our usual cargo was clean petroleum products, and we moved it around the St Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. Some guys were working aboard for ten years, a…


Sharing wisdom

June 28, 2012

If you are a Marine Engineer looking for a little advice, there are options for you. Of course the whole idea behind the main site of Martin’s Marine Engineering Page – www.dieselduck.net – or The Common Rail (our forum area) is to educate and assist budding professionals excel. Sometimes though, its nice to connect with a peer who can offer personal guidance from their experiences and offer insight to improve…


Seafaring jobs for Canadians

June 10, 2012

Perhaps you’ve noticed, I’ve been running an advertisement for a new website called shipout.ca. Although not related to www.dieselduck.net we’ve chosen to highlight this new job website in hopes it will help those on a job search in Canada. The project was the brain child of Maxime, based out of Montreal. He is “one of us”; having ascended through the deck cadet program, he currently sails as a mate on…


Notice of service for The Common Rail

It appears that The Common Rail, our community forum, has been hacked, and the website has been distributing various redirects to spam considered “low threat” by Sophos security software. If you have security software installed, you should get a message like “Malicious Content Blocked”, I got the following malware “Mal/Badscr-M” identified as the threat. From my experimentation it appears to only affect user using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. I use…

April 25, 2012

Snowball chance in hell – huh, Hamilton

I was in southern Ontario quite a bit this winter, and only once, did we have any significant snow – which only lasted a day or two. Sure we had a couple of cool days, but really it was mild, usually in the teens by the afternoon. Now, just days away from May, here we sit in the beautiful harbour of Hamilton, strong northerlies up our stern, and snow in…

April 23, 2012

Running to sea

March 13, 2012

Greece’s finance minister The Eurozone debt crisis continues to rage on with no real end in sight. Wholesale disposal of a raft of people’s way of life, by god know’s what, but it sure does not seem to be for the greater good of the general population, that’s for sure. I see it as wholesale theft of a country by some “good with numbers” predatory leeches, who have no moral…


Firemen on the barge

March 10, 2012

St Catherines FD rope rescue exercise from McClearys Spirit – M. Leduc Well, I just made it back to the shipyard a couple of days ago. A brief time at home this time, had to come back and make sure we are on track to complete all of our projects, while our time in the shipyard draws to a close, and the beginning of the trading season starts on the…


Marky Mark in a box

February 5, 2012

Went to see Contraband last night. Even with the possibility that my wife would feed me to the fishes, for the thought of spending one night with Mr. MM, I think he’s done some good work, in the past… but Contraband is not some of his good work. 50% of the movie Contraband occurs on a container ship – yup, a real life big cargo ship, painted with a MSQ…