Confusing messages

June 25, 2013

Today, the IMO celebrates the seafarer with a Day of the Seafarer. Seafarers are a crucial part of shipping, which is a crucial part of world trade. Unfortunately, decades of abusing and neglecting seafarers has cast a shadow on the profession, making it a tough career sell. So the IMO is aiming to increase the image of the job. All of which is good really, but from my perspective, would…


Good thing it was in Canada

July 27, 2010

Last week, BC Ferries proposed to settled a class action lawsuit, brought on by 40 survivors of the Queen of the North sinking. In a recent blog entry on the Staten Island Ferry, I made a comment that about $54 million dollars was paid out in claims, by the owners, as a result of that terrible accident, which took 11 lives. Taking a very non scientific formula of 1500 people…


Criminal Negligence charges set sail

March 18, 2010

The RCMP has finally waffled into the Queen of the North accident, they say the mounties always get their man, but it puzzles me why it took so long to lay charges. BC Ferries’ Queen of the North sank on BC’s north coast over four years ago, taking two passengers down with it. Four years later, they decide to charge the officer of the watch, at the time of the…


A time for farewell

April 24, 2009

A friend of mine sent me this picture this morning, the only time this will ever happen. The retiring Queen of Prince Rupert makes her final farewells to the city of Prince Rupert on BC Northern Coast. Accompanied by the MV Northern Adventure, middle and the new and much bigger MV Northern Expedition at the top of the picture. That would have been a pretty neat picture to have the…


Set for an Expedition

March 8, 2009

So the big news this weekend, around these parts, is the arrival of BC Ferries’ new ro-pax ferry MV Northern Expedition. The new vessel docked in Nanaimo last night, after being at sea for a little over a month and traveling just under 10,000 nautical miles from the FSG Shipyards in Flensburg, Germany, where it was built. The new vessel just about caps the company’s massive fleet revitalization program (there…


Silence over ruled in Supreme Court

November 8, 2008

The queen of the north accident has now firmly entered into the legal brawl stage. One of the first shots from the court rooms, from the Supreme Court of BC no less, comes in the form of support for a labour relations ruling, on whether or not the crew had the right to remain silent, on the events surrounding the grounding on Gill Island, and subsequent sinking, of the passenger…


The apropriately named Northern Adventure

January 4, 2008

The MV Northern Adventure, BC Ferries latest vessel, hardly a year in service after the MV Queen of the North sinking, was sideline in the middle of its planned run between Prince Rupert and Pt Hardy on the January 2nd, 2008. According to the BC Ferries press release the engine, a MaK 16m32, shut down on safeties. From the press release, it would appear that engine room staff used dirty…


TSB, BCFC and Cannabis

Now I realize that the wheels of TSB grind slowly, but this release from yesterday made me go Hmmm. A Board Concern that takes a year to release and concerns about possible cannabis use onboard by the crew on a Ferry. The same crew who is presumably manning another ship for the year it took for this Board Concern to be released.Yet TSB wants BCFC to review their policy without…

October 18, 2007