Good deals

October 4, 2012

CCGC Point Henry, by CCG A couple of days ago, the Canadian federal Minister of Fisheries, Keith Ashfield, was under scrutiny by local media Chek TV news reporter, after a brief funding announcement in Nanaimo. Of course, he was whisked away to more “important things”, before he could give a meaningful answer to the reporter’s question as to why the Conservative party is closing numerous front line Canadian Coast Guard…


Cutting steel in BC

June 20, 2012

MV Galena 1997 Last week, without much fanfare, the BC provincial government announced the awarding of a 26.5 million dollar ship building contract to Water Bridge Steel of Prince George to build a new ship.  The 250 passenger, 80 car, roll on roll off ferry will be built in the tiny hamlet of Nakusp, BC, on the shore of Upper Arrow Lake, in the “interior” of the province. The new…


No holiday in Spain

August 9, 2011

Some of you may have heard of the name, Phil Halliday. If it seems like that name is familiar, but seems from long ago, you are correct, it has been a long time since the name was first mentioned in the media 18 months ago. Phil was a fisherman from Digby, Nova Scotia, who, after a brief voyage to the Caribbean on the retired Coast Guard ship Parizeau, was asked…


What goes around the world, while remaining in its corner

July 7, 2011

My son had a riddle for me the other day… “What goes around the world, while remaining in its corner…?”I answered… “a dutiful sailor !?!?!”“No, silly!”, he said, “its a stamp !” This Month the United States Postal Service will officially unveil four new stamps to highlight the Merchant Marine. They will make the launch on July 28th, and if you are near New York City, you are welcome to…


Retreat in Whale Wars

February 17, 2011

Last week, Japan announced the cancellation of their whaling, huh, I mean “cetacean research” activities in antarctic for this year. The development was attributed to the constant pestering of the whaling fleet’s main processing vessel, Nissan Maru, by vessels of the environmental group Sea Shepperd Society. But with Australia citing a lack of confirmation by the Japaneses authority, this has lead the Sea Shepperd’s leader, Paul Watson, to question this…



February 8, 2011

I have a strange fascination with all thing nuclear, especially ships. I came across this interesting pictorial of the world’s first nuclear powered ship. The Soviet icebreaker Lenin. Check out the rest of the pictures here. Here is another photo album as well. Murmansk is featured in this series of arctic pictures. From Wikipedia… ” NS Lenin is a Soviet icebreaker launched in 1957, and is both the world’s first…


UVic goes to sea

November 12, 2010

The University of Victoria (UVic) is acquiring a new research ship. Plans are not final yet, or at least UVic is deferring official comments to an announcement, expected towards the end of this year. What I do know is that UVic is in the final process of “purchasing”, or has already “purchased” outright, the Canadian Coast Guard specialty vessel Tsekoa II. The Tsekoa II was built for the Canadian Federal…


Steaming Master

October 27, 2010

The SS Master Society is an all-volunteer non-profit group of dedicated individual that today is navigating in troubled waters. Unless new revenue streams are identified and maintained, the SS Master just may find herself without the funds to continue on steaming. For years the society has always been able to rely on a small gaming grant from the BC Lottery Foundation which has now been cut off. The grant was…