Ferry service awash in problems

November 20, 2009

It appears that all of the Canadian government operated vessels have reached their tolerance for chronic underfunding at once. The next 20 years should be a boom for the yards as vessels reach the end of their service life and need to be replaced. Marine Atlantic needs $1.5b, the auditor general tells OttawaBy STEPHEN MAHER Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA — Auditor general Sheila Fraser has advised the federal government to pony…


Dredging cabotage issues in Quebec

October 13, 2009

The 1180 gt MV Port Mechins dredge (pictured right), operated by Dragage Verrault of Quebec, dredging the St Lawrence under contract to the federal government for the last 30 years, has had its seaworthiness questioned by Transport Canada (TC). According to a recent article appearing on the Seafarer’s International Union (SIU) Canadian newsletter, TC refusal to extend the Seaworthiness certificate to the aging vessel, built in 1949 (yes, 1949), has…


Ship For Sale

February 28, 2009

Anyone want to buy a piece of junk…..err ship? A great project for a bored engineer, because I am sure it needs plenty of work. Only slight hull damage from playing chicken with a Coast Guard icebreaker.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5XaFybdmK8&NR=1Unfortunately the designer black does effectively hid the rust and corrosion, so a viewing would be recommended to ensure you don’t fall thru the decks! The Cape Breton Post reports the federal government is…


Fire guts ex-CG ship

October 12, 2008

Of course after I origianlly posted this, I attended a meeting with a member of Enviromental Respose, Canadian Coast Guard and he assures me that they are empowered to deal with these vessels and levy fines against the owners.I am more then relieved to find out that I was incorrect in my statements.And, the Ex-Tupper sits down there, very forlonly, there is not a window left in the superstructure. This…


Lungfull of Asbestos, brainfull of …?

September 27, 2008

I was just walking around Vancouver the other day, when something caught my eye in one of the storefronts. Being an avid enthusiast of all things ships, I was interested in the poster of an older ship. As it turns out, the storefront was the Church of Scientologist, and the ship was the Freewinds. The Freewinds is an older ship, formerly operated by Commodore Cruise line, but currently sits idle…


Ares’ end in Brownsville

May 11, 2008

When you think of ship breaking, you usually think of Alang in India, or Bangladesh, but I came across this neat article the other day which made me learn something new. Read on… Shipbreakers paying for shot at government shipsBy CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN Associated Press Writer, May 11, 2008 BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The air tastes like pennies at this gritty port at the southern tip of Texas, where ships’ final voyages…


Ship building in Canada

January 3, 2008

What are we waiting for Peter Cairns, PresidentShipbuilding Association of CanadaJune 4, 2007 In an industry known for its boom and bust cycles, the forecast for Canadian newbuilding requirements over the next 15 years should be signalling the start of another boom cycle in the shipbuilding industry. Shipyard executives are generally upbeat as their yards are starting to fill up with newbuilding and repair work.Kiewit Offshore Services in Marystown, Nfld.,…


Canada Ship Owners and regulators – Take notice

December 17, 2007

This interesting article came across my desk the other day. Its sad to hear of such a disaster hitting Russia, but one wonders if in the aftermath, there isn’t an important message for Canada in there. Canada which relies a great deal on much older tonnage than cited in the article (25 years old). More about this event at the BBC’s website, and the CS Monitor. – Martin Black Sea…