Nosejob gives Kitimat a shudder

November 16, 2009

Well I see its been already two weeks since my last post! I finally got on top of that nasty computer virus which crippled my computer for my whole time at sea, this last contract. If anyone gets a hold of this little prick, aka know as the daddy of the Virut worm, please castrate them with my regards. Since getting home I have been trying to rebuild the damn…


VicShip moves ahead, 47 feet at a time

September 1, 2009

Victoria Shipyards got the nod to build more “47 footers” for the Canadian Coast Guard. Below is the article from the local paper. Vic Ship has already built the majority of the 47 MLB (Motor Life Boat) in use now, the initial set of seven, were built by Metal Craft, in Ontario. The design was heavily borrowed from the USCG, the biggest difference is Caterpillar engine for the CCG while…


The fast fat lady is singing

August 24, 2009

Those of you that have followed the last few blog entries here might be incline to say – Seaspan, yet again! No no, I am not obsessed with them, its just that I wait till I have a few small news bits before making a blog entry worthwhile, but then I start digging information and realize that there is more there than I thought – and thus the numerous blog…


Kayakers and container liners need a little rescue

August 21, 2009

I made a blog entry last week about Seaspan and their new ship docking tug the Seaspan Resolution, as that entry was getting bit long, I did not get to express all my observations about the company. So here is a follow up post with a Seaspan theme… The 1350 hp, 20 meter long, tug, Comox Crown, towing three loaded wood chip barges, rescued a hypothermic kayakers last week, here…


Powerful Resolution for Vancouver

August 8, 2009

Vancouver based Seaspan International has welcomed a new tug into its ship berthing fleet. In late June 2009, the Seaspan Resolution was commissioned at the company’s North Vancouver headquarters. Sporting two EMD 710 12 cylinder main engines, coupled to Nigaata azmuthing stern drives, the tug puts out 6000 hp, to give it a 13 knots speed or 82 tonnes of bollard pull. Seaspan is claiming that it is the most…


SMITen’ with Minette

April 1, 2009

To most industry watchers in the area, this little blurb on SMIT’s takeover of Prince Rupert based Minette Bay Ship Docking probably comes as no surprise. Rotterdam based tug and salvage giant SMIT, gained a foothold in Canada when it acquired the assets of Rivtow, back at the turn of the millennium. Fledgling at the time, Rivtow was a shadow of its former self, but remained an icon of the…


Seaspan crew in crash – update

August 14, 2008

This post is a follow up on the airplane crash that occurred two weeks ago on Vancouver Island, claiming the life of 5 people, 4 of them, employees of Seaspan, a large marine services company based in Vancouver BC. The following men were involved in the accident… Terry Axton, 51, of Maple Ridge. He was a loader, employed with Seaspan for 30 years. He leaves a partner and two children…


4 Seaspan crew perish in airplane crash

August 4, 2008

Some very sad news tonight, as I have just logged on to read of this tragedy. I just saw the Seaspan King the other day in Howe Sound. They tow a log barge and most likely the men that perished were the “loaders”. They usually fly in to join the vessel and operate the cranes that load logs onto the barge, once the tug gets to the load site. Once…