Another Yard Gone

June 17, 2010

Another shipyard is being turned into condos with an expensive view of a harbour front, following the trend across Canada that is seeing our ship repair business dwindling to a few survivors. Dartmouth Marine Slips started business in 1890, though a marine shipyard was located at Dartmouth Cove beginning in 1830. I found the aerial photo, below, online, which shows the yard in the 50s. I joined my first ship…


Oh, give it rest!

June 6, 2010

Pardon my wholly lack of trust, in this most recent government announcement on Canadian federal shipbuilding plans. Could this issue be flogged any more by politician for cheap public thrills. Countless times over the last twenty years, we have heard these announcements, and year after year, millions of dollars are spent on design and consultations and general bureaucracy, and ultimately end up just like a fart in the wind. I…


Coast guard ship triumph for ABCO

April 18, 2010

A nice little article about a small CG vessel delivery.—- THE INTERIOR is nice and shiny, with that new car smell. The dials sit ready for the engines to fire them up and it feels as if it’s anxious to hit the open road. Or, in this case, the open sea. ABCO Industries Ltd. of Lunenburg has just finished building the CCGS Viola M Davidson, a sophisticated fisheries research vessel…


“Economic conditions”

December 12, 2009

West Coast Canada remains under a great deal of influence cause by the recession, south of the border. With forest products being a major component of the maritime trade on BC’s coast, its been a heck of a few years, felt well before the official recognition of trouble. As such, I was surprised to see that Seaspan’s recent announcement took so long in coming. Last month Washington Marine Group (WMG),…


Check, please…

October 29, 2009

The 28th of October, 2009, was a special day. Not only was it my brother’s birthday, Happy Birthday Bros ! But it was also the day that STX Europe got a very big check from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. That’s right, the line’s newest ship, the Oasis of the Seas, also the world’s biggest passenger ship, ever, has been officially delivered to its new owners by the Turku Yard of…


Shipyards get into shape

From today’s Halifax Chronicle Herald.There is nothing added that is new, but does talk about the proposed new way of building government ships in Canada. For all of the men and woman that are babying the senior citizens of the government fleet along, this is all good news that there will be new ships. Federal funding will see workers through to 2017 By TOM PETERS, Business Reporter, Halifax Chronicle Herald…

September 12, 2009

Freedom is an ugly thing

September 6, 2009

I have had these pictures of the United States Navy new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Freedom, kicking around my “project” box for quite some time. I just had a quick comment, well actually quite few when I think about it, on the design of the vessel. Aside for the “America, Fu&^%$ Yeah” type of name, which I must say is quite “been there, done that”, its has to be one…


VicShip moves ahead, 47 feet at a time

September 1, 2009

Victoria Shipyards got the nod to build more “47 footers” for the Canadian Coast Guard. Below is the article from the local paper. Vic Ship has already built the majority of the 47 MLB (Motor Life Boat) in use now, the initial set of seven, were built by Metal Craft, in Ontario. The design was heavily borrowed from the USCG, the biggest difference is Caterpillar engine for the CCG while…