Rogues at sea

June 18, 2009

A video review of 2002 documentary “Freak Wave” Rogue waves are stuff of legends and seagoing folklore, at least that’s been accepted for in marine engineering and naval architecture circles for years. Reports of incredible damage, disappearance of ships under mysterious circumstance have been gathering quite a bit of media coverage in the last decades. Freak Wave, a 2002 documentary style show, co produced by the BBC and Discovery Channel,…


Not your average barge

February 16, 2009

Gazprom, Russia largest company, is reportedly the first company planning to employ five floating nuclear power plants from Russian state agency Rosatom, responsible for the vessels development and operation. They are reportedly planning to use them as energy source, for their exploration and production endeavors in the Russian arctic. The first nuclear barge, Academician Lomonosov, began construction in April 2007 at the Sevmash Submarine-Building Plant in Severodvinsk, with a planned…


Quiet loo

February 14, 2009

Its not everyday that you get news of commode developments. These should of course come as a great step forward in human development; after all no, matter what color or creed your are, these developments affect us all. And on a ship, flushing a vacuum toilet can sometimes disturb a sleeping coworker, or even ruin hopes of going back to sleep quickly after a drowsy trip to the loo. I…


Norwegians get gassy

October 8, 2008

Norwegian based Sea Cargo, currently operating a fleet of 8 versatile ro-ro cargo ship in the North Sea since 2001, is believe to be the first company to ever order ships which will be solely fueled by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). Four ships have been ordered, with an option for four more; of the four to be built, two of them to be LNG fueled the other two with standard…


The Allure of an Oasis of the seas

August 19, 2008

Royal Caribbean has named its two new Genesis class ships, or ULPS (Ultra Large Passenger Ship as I will call them), currently under construction at Aker Finnyards‘ Turku shipyard in Finland. The first ship, Oasis of the Seas, is due in Sept 2009 and will trade in the US starting December 12, 2009. It will service the Caribbean cruise market with one week in the Eastern Caribbean, the other week…


Mighty cool show

August 14, 2008

I just finished catching the second half of Discovery Channel’s Mighty Ship. If you are in North America, I am pretty sure you can catch this new series on your local cable TV signal. In Canada its on Discovery Channel on Tuesday, 21:00 hrs – which I believe repeats every four hours after, for the duration of the day. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the show and…


Tug porn

May 28, 2008

I sailed with this guy, one day he comes up to me and says hey buddy do you have any tug porn? I believe this link would probably make him happy. Ever wanted to drive a tractor tug? Well at Voight Schneider’s website, you can try your hand at handling a tractor tug. A pretty neat simulator.


Sorry Gumby, time to go

April 24, 2008

Last meeting of the Vancouver Island Branch of the CIMarE I finally met Mr. Darren Williams and was re-introduce to the universal fit survival suit. He was there to introduce us to a problem that I thought was… oh hum – at first. I didn’t really think about it, as I imagine most really don’t, until it is too late. It was not long before Darren quickly illustrated the issues…