TSB 2.0

January 31, 2013

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has recently unveiled a much more elaborate web presence and communication strategy. Over the last decade, they appeared to have taken a low profile. In 2013, it is now fully embracing web 2.0, and the TSB is opening itself up like never before. The new website is visually stimulating, and navigating is easy and straightforward; a novel concept for typical government websites. It…


Another Fishing Boat Lost

On the East Coast another FV has suddenly sank, only two lives were lost this time. Two too many. In this day and age of safety and regulations that all professional mariners live by, it amazes me that this segment of the marine industry seems to slide below the radar. It is the same old story: Fatal sinking probe looks at load rules By MICHAEL TUTTON The Canadian Press The…

September 17, 2009

TSB Probe

August 21, 2009

This is rather interesting. Here in Canada there is no requirement for stability for fishing vessels. Fishermen, (or the really odd PC name Fisher), can literally make any modification to a vessel and not incline it to see if it is safe. They seem to sail by the seat of their pants, “the boat feels right” The fishers cite high costs of doing a stability study of their boats for…


Clubbing the Canadian Coast Guard

March 31, 2008

Image conscious Canadian Coast Guard is under quite a few spotlights these days. Theres is bound to be some discomfort at HQ after several incidents in the Maritimes (Eastern Canada) which has drawn media scrutiny, and even became the second topic discussed today in the house of commons’ Question Period. The Prime Minister stated that the accident would be investigated publicly, by no less that the Coast Guard, Dept of…


TSB, BCFC and Cannabis

Now I realize that the wheels of TSB grind slowly, but this release from yesterday made me go Hmmm. A Board Concern that takes a year to release and concerns about possible cannabis use onboard by the crew on a Ferry. The same crew who is presumably manning another ship for the year it took for this Board Concern to be released.Yet TSB wants BCFC to review their policy without…

October 18, 2007

More About SAR Exercise

‘It’s very perplexing’Ferry captain had no sign fumes were making people sickBy WITH LAURANORTH SYDNEY— The captain of the Marine Atlantic ferry involved in a dramatic search and rescue drill that went awry this week said Friday his crew had no indication there was a problem with fumes that sent dozens of people to hospital.Master Keith Hopkins said he only learned of Thursday’s incident after someone informed him that 21…

September 29, 2007