8 year old boy dies after accident with USCG

December 21, 2009

A United States Coast Guard stretch defender class boat, commonly known as a 33 footer with five guardsmen on board, slammed into a 24 foot pleasure craft yesterday, Dec 20, just before 18:00hrs. The resulting collision sent five people to hospital; two adults with serious injuries, two children with minor injuries and a third child, an eight year old boy, Anthony Cole DeWeese, died at the hospital, shortly after arriving….


Santa’s coastie elves

December 6, 2009

Wow, what a busy time for us ducksters these last few months. I am back at work again and so far, knock on wood, no computer virus like last contract. Hopefully I will be getting back on top of the websites that have been neglected for some time. I have been so busy lately, that I almost forgot that Christmas was coming up. Yup there is… ah hell, whatever shopping…


Coasties on the move

August 14, 2009

Usually I don’t write much about the US Coast Guard, but lately they have been releasing press releases with some interesting tidbits. As a matter of fact I must say, I caved in since I usually don’t give much exposure to military matters, as they get plenty of exposure elsewhere. They have a very well refined PR machine, with blogs twitter feeds and lots of exposure, so its hard not…


Fire and Ice

September 23, 2008

As mentioned here, in an earlier post, the US Coast Guard has sent an non ice-reinforced patrol vessel into the Arctic. The 378 foot USCGC Hamilton, Hamilton Class ship commissioned in March 1967 – yes that is almost 42 years old – is based in San Diego and shines in the USCG as a serious drug interceptor. The article below discusses the beginnings of the “Hambones” voyage north of the…