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Postby The Dieselduck » Sun May 06, 2018 3:23 pm

Question from a user:

I wanted to change my rank in my profile but i am unable to change my rank as it is showing 'tanktop cleaner'. can you send me some instructions to change my rank in the profile.

Your rank as a user of the forum is not an option to change in your profile. As on the ship, it is on The Common Rail, rank is earned, here, by the number of posts to the forum - as in, how much one contributes to the community.

Below is the ranks scale and how many posts it takes to earn it.

First Time Poster 1
Bilge Dweller 2
Tanktop Cleaner 10
Deck Plate Wanderer 20
Leak Patrol 30
Mechanic 50
Wandering Engineer 75
Officer of the Watch 100
Day Working Engineer 140
Chief Engineer 200
Superintendent 325
Fleet Engineer 500
Martin Leduc
Certified Marine Engineer and Webmaster
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