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Upgrades Completed - Thanks for your patience

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:43 am
by The Dieselduck
I was able to find some technical help and finalize a major modernization of the software that runs The Common Rail, which I started three weeks ago. You may have noticed several issues over the last three weeks that may have frustrated you, but probably not nearly as they frustrated me. It looks like we are stable, updated, and fully operational now.

Thank you for your patience. I apologize for the delays, and the miss connections trying to sign up as a new user - not the best first impression, I realize that - please try again.

I always appreciate your input in making this forum a better place, so feel free to "reply" below, or send me your comments in a PM (private message), or to my usual email. In particular I am looking for suggestion on relevant questions to ask for your profiles / sign up process. These are good for the community, but also great for me while trying to keep spammers at bay (..they are always attacking) - if you have a suggestion, send it to me.