What the heck is Blue Riband ?

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What the heck is Blue Riband ?

Postby The Dieselduck » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:06 am

Blue Riband is a fictional business model, an employee controlled entity, much like a professional organization.

Many new ideas are proposed as possible solutions to the shortage of Marine Engineers in Canada. The project presents a new way to manage the high quality human capital needed, to make sure shipping remains viable, well into the future. You can visit the project's website at http://www.blueriband.ca

Blue Riband - Quality above all

Welcome to http://www.blueriband.ca, a website created to expand the conversation on reforming and advancing the Marine Engineering profession. Marine Engineers are highly trained professionals who play a key role in the operation of ships, and other offshore structures around the world.

This website exist to introduce and discuss a series of ideas to make Marine Engineering more sustainable in Canada. These ideas are grouped into a theoretical business model called Blue Riband.

Blue Riband is a "big picture" project that blends new ideas and best practices from various institutions, to give a hybrid organization focused on Quality – Quality in service to clients, quality of life for a marine engineering career.

“Best practices” from…

Large shipping enterprise, crewing agency, Union, Transport Canada, Class, International Shipping Industry, Pilots Association, CIMarE, Class, & other professional bodies – Doctors, PEng, Technologist.

This area of The Common Rail is here to help move the discussion along. I am not perfect, neither are the ideas of Blue Riband, or my presentation of these ideas; if you see something that could use improvement, please let me know.
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