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Things to keep in mind while using this forum...

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 12:16 pm
by The Dieselduck
The Internet offers us a wonderful way to communicate. But for your own good, don’t give out too much personal information and use common sense ! There is really no need to provide details other than qualification and an email address. Once you have established that you are dealing with a legitimate counterpart, then do as you want in private.

Also, be aware of job scams. As exciting as it may be to get a response, use your common sense. As a Licensed Marine Engineer you should never have to pay anything, especially upfront, to get a job, in some countries, like Canada, it is illegal to do so. Be safe and happy.

Keep in mind the following guidelines...

* No spamming - specific job offers or jobs wanted.
* Please, stick to the appropriate area.
* Employers/recruiters - provide some details.
* Engineers - please provide us with your qualification level, basic experience (hp, makes) and contact info. Keep it short, sweet and informative.

This board is moderated. Any messages not complying with the idea of this board will be deleted. "Available Posting" over 1 year old, and "Job Offers" over 6 months will most likely be deleted.