Curious job offer email.

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Curious job offer email.

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Good day everyone,
I received an email today for a potential job position, funny thing is I didn't apply to the company offering it.
I did a little of my background work, and something doesn't quite sit right. Here's a copy of the email.
59 Fraser Place, Aberdeen.
AB25 3TY United Kingdom.

Date: 01/⁠⁠06/⁠⁠2016.

Attention: My First and Last Name,

The Davors Offshore companies form the drilling contracting business activities of Vred. Olsen Energy ASA. The company’s offshore activities are controlled from our office in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

In addition we have an office in Singapore which provides management and administrative support including the employment of international offshore personnel.

We seek to have qualified graduate engineers, technicians of various
backgrounds join our work force. We are also in
need of qualified professionals in the management, Construction,
Engineering/⁠⁠Administrative fields. We offer equal opportunity to the
qualified. On indication of interest, do forward a copy of your resume to

Job Position: Marine Engineer.

1. This job will continue for 24months (2years) at the start, then
continue yearly after expiration.

2. Competitive allowances and compensation package as obtainable in the

upstream Industries worldwide.

3. Salary will be paid per month and in British Pounds Sterling,

This invitation is open for 10 days.

Mrs Patricia Wood
HR Team

Noticing some spelling errors, and google searching the company (not an impressive webpage), and google maps-ing the address...well I'm not convinced. Many years of being on the internet has made me always initially skeptical of things...

Anyway; has anyone ever heard of this company. Worked with this company? Know anything about this?
If anything here may be a little forewarning for anyone else who may get this email.


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Never heard of it before. The website is elaborate but rather generic. Google returns no topics when searching for the company name.

And really in this current climate, they should have no problem finding people, no need to resort to sending unsolicited emails, especially with time limits. Most offshore companies can't even be bothered to acknowledge your email, must less seek you out. I see the domain was registered in Russia, a few days ago, why would a Aberdeen based outfit go to Russia to register their URL.

Yeah, I agree, its smells pretty fishy and is probably a scam, although I must say its the most sophisticate that I have seen so far.
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Re: Curious job offer email.

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It has "SCAM" written all over it.
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Re: Curious job offer email.

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today i got the same email from them for an offshore project manager position. they offered $20,000.00 a month for a 28on/28off rotation. offered travel and housing. my researched turned up the same problems. only hits from a google search returned just their website and nothing more. they're not on linkedin. they map search of that address shows a crappy, small neighborhood.

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