Zero cooperation from Transport Canada...

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Zero cooperation from Transport Canada...

Postby marineprojectgroup » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:21 pm

5 years ago I had a great deal of trouble with Transport Canada in regards to renewing my license. There were language issues due to there appears to be no Canadians working there anymore, Transport Canada do not understand their own requirements, and quite frankly it is very clear they just do not give a damn.
Now it is time to renew again and of course TC has changed the rules again. And once again TC has refused any and all cooperation.
But before I complain further, perhaps it is just me. I make no secret my absolute disgust with canadian government employees of all levels every one of them they are parasites with nothing to do, no responsibilities and they can never be fired yet enjoy a extremely generous wage and even fatter benefit package.
It is their rules I am trying to navigate, not mine. I ask of them just tell me what you want such that I can take action.
I have no problem with government employees of Singapore for example, even the Nigerian consulate was professional and courteous and easy to deal with re my Nigerian work visa. But Canadian government employees here in Canada ? Disgusting.
Do anyone else consistently have the same problem with TC or is it just me ?

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