Seafarer wages in Canada one of the lowest in the world...

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Seafarer wages in Canada one of the lowest in the world...

Postby marineprojectgroup » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:44 pm

I recently had a great opportunity to join a east coast shipping company as Chief Officer. Wage was CDN$102,000 / yr. Not bad. I was a captain for 3 years so promotion prospects were good.
But lets look into this wage a little further:
Tax and other deductions take away half. That CDN$102,000 is now take home CDN$51,000.
And the CDN$ is worth 30% less than the US$.
So my take home CDN$51,000 is US$40,000.
US$40,000 is what my Filipino second officer takes home. And he pays no taxes, no deductions.
Summery - A Canadian Chief Officer is worth only a Filipino Second Officer. How the mighty Canadian flag has fallen to less than 3rd world status.
Now let me be clear this is not against the Canadian shipping company as their wage I believe is a fair wage, no complaints with them at all.
But government policy sure makes it tough on the little guy Canadian seafarer trying to earn a living.

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