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Again on MED Refresher!!. What about tickets that expire on Dec 31 2016. ( tickets that have recently been renewed) It says they can be turned in for STCW 2010 CoC--CoP for balance of 5 year term. Does this mean that the refresher course is not required?? Who writes up these regs? I think it would help if everyone was dyslexic.Anyway, It all seems a lot of bother and expense just to keep those people at the Marine Schools in a job.

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MED refresher is required for NC1 and unlimited voyages, outside of the great lakes and a great chunk of the Left coast. Updated Marine Personnel Regulations to comply with STCW 10 have not been published yet. Vessels on Non-Convention voyages need not comply, so MED refreshers are not required.
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Just phoned Vitoria TCMS and they extended all my expiring (shortchanged) certificate and endorsements to Examiner's certificates for 6 months. Its a pain but at least now all my relevant certs expire at the same time, and still lets me sail out of Canada.
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