Dutch Runner / Elko / Samee Shipping - engineer beware

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Dutch Runner / Elko / Samee Shipping - engineer beware

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Dutch Runner is a smallish coastal con-ro / multi purpose ship that has been in Canada since 2008. It has a checkered past, and has lately been in the news due to the ITF securing payment of back wages, as the vessels languishes in Port Hawkesbury. I haven't been following it of late, but obviously, particular vigilance should be the word of the day if you are looking at working on this ship.

Since 14/07/2014, the registered owner is...
606 Aberdeen Avenue
Hamilton ON
L8P 2T1, Canada

This is a dilapidated warehouse in Hamilton, for a business called Elko Industrial Trading Corp, which appears to operate several tour business, and has current advertisement looking for Chief Engineer for the Hamilton Harbour Queen, its Capt is Albert Samee.
Elko Trading.pdf
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