Engine Room Assistant

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Engine Room Assistant

Post by Jukic »

I have an interview for a BC Ferries engine room assistant position coming up & i'm just curious if anyone can enlighten me on what i can expect for salary as well as well as expeted duties.

Thank you.

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Post by alanocean »

I am not familiar with BC ferries structure but as an ERA you with basicaly be assisting the Engineer in his everyday tasks as well as cleaning duties that pertain to the Engine Room. As the people above you in rank deem you compatent you may also be resposible for starting up machinery although they have the responsibility so it it not in the description of the job. Good luck and safe sailing!

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Re: Engine Room Assistant

Post by Chuck123 »

I am also not familiar with BC ferries structure but alan gave a little bit info is useful.

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Re: Engine Room Assistant

Post by JollyJack »

If you are going with BC Ferries, GET A DISCHARGE BOOK! Their little booklet is about as useful as toilet paper for counting qualifying service. Make sure you have the discharge book and a Testimonial of Sea Service completed before you leave the ship, even supposing you're on for just one trip lasting a few hours. GET THE DISCHARGE BOOK FILLED IN!

I had to threaten the CEO of BC Ferries with legal action to get the sea service of one guy who had been an ERR.
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