Quotes wanted for Detroits and Cummins parts

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Quotes wanted for Detroits and Cummins parts

Postby The Dieselduck » Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:44 pm

Good morning, I will like to inquire about this part #s below,pls advice on price and availability.

Furuno 1834C Radar

Detriot Diesel Parts
5228770 ----- Engine N70 injector
5229380 ----- Engine 9275 injector
23506735 ---- Water Pump
5198822 ----- RING SET
23514970 --- Ring Set
23522955 --- Ring set
23524349 --- Ring Set

Cummins Parts
4025155 --- Gasket Kit
4089500 --- Ring Set
3801330 Full set NT855
3802077 Full set for NH220
3047402 Head Gasket for NT855

Perkins Parts List
part #26560143 fuel filter
part #26560145 fuel filter
part#26510354 air filter
part #26510353 air filter
part #KRP1251 rings piston set
part #KRP1151 rings piston set
part #KRP3001 bearing con rod

Waits to hear from you soonest.




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