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Ex-CCGS Gull Island

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:42 am
by JK ... =ferm-clos

180 k for a starting bid. Anyone need a small ship?

Re: Ex-CCGS Gull Island

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:15 pm
by The Dieselduck
Sold For: $111,999.99 Item: Former CCGS Gull Isle -259064
Posted: 26-November-2012 @ 9:29 a.m. ET Sold On: 10-December-2012 Location : Parry Sound,ON Sale Account: R2TO0009149-CCG Boat Gull Isle

Sold pretty quick, but for much lower than asking price...

Provos Wallis sold for less than a fancy pick up truck

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:23 pm
by The Dieselduck
Wow, $75k and how much did the gverment spend on that ship just recently? Wasnt it in the millions?

- martin

Sold For: $75,000.00
Item: Medium Endurance Multi-tasked Vessel
Closing Date: 25-October-2012 @ 1:03 p.m. EASTERN TIME
Quantity: 1 (unit(s))
Description: 2011-02, former CCGS Provo Wallis
◦Vessel Name: 2011-02 (EX-CCGS Provo Wallis)
◦Vessel Type: Medium Endurance Multi-tasked Vessel
◦Port of Registry: Ottawa
◦Home Port: Sidney, BC Canada
◦Official Number: 328104
◦Call Sign: CGDP
◦Year Built: 1969
◦Construction Type: Carvel / Flush
◦Material: Steel
◦Builder: Marine Industries Ltd. Tracy QC, Canada
◦Modernized: 1990 at Marystown Shipyard
◦Available Berths: 29
◦Certified for: 29 persons
◦The hull was painted during last docking, Oct-Dec 2009

◦Length: 60.29m
◦Breadth: 12.95m
◦Depth: 4.54m
◦Draft: 3.66m
◦Gross Tonnage: 1462t
◦Net Tonnage: 581t
◦Freeboard: 1.15m
◦Cruising Range: 3300 nm
◦Endurance: 21 days
◦Cruising Speed: 11 kts
◦Max Speed: Kts 12 kts
◦Fresh Water: 146m cu
◦Fuel Capacity: 240 cubic meters
◦Fuel Consumption: 6m cu per day @ 11kts
◦Marine Distillate Onboard (All Types): less than 10m³ of all oils on board
◦Brake power is 1566 KW (2100 HP)

◦Anschutz Gyro
◦Sailor RDF
◦United Public Address & Telephone Console
◦X-band radar PPI
◦S-bad radar PPI
◦MX-420 Lieca GPS
◦Skanti VHF DSC Radio
◦There are no trade restrictions on the electronic Navigation and Communication equipment remaining aboard the vessel

◦2 diesel, Mirlees-Blackstone engines
◦Model KLSDM-6, 783 Kw each (1050 hp)
◦Last surveyed 2006-03-12: TC Division 3 report, available from Sale representative
◦Main Engines maintained within CCG practices
◦Operational at the time the vessel was layed-up in January 2011
◦4 blades LIPS controllable pitch propellers
◦Steering Gear: Brown Brothers rotary vane unit

◦4 Ship Service generators:Iveno Stamford 270 kw-1800 RPM-460vElectrical
◦System Insulation Test June 2010 with no significant deficiencies
◦Ship Service Generator #1surveyed 2007-07-17
◦Ship Service Generator #2 surveyed 2007-11-08
◦Ship Service Generator #3 surveyed 2007-07-17
◦Ship Service Generator #4 surveyed 2006-03-12
◦Emergency generator was surveyed 2007-11-27
◦1 Emergency Motor Generator Set: 1x 3406 Caterpillar generator engine + 1x Stamford NewAge generator 219 kva
◦TC Division 3 report, available from Sale representative

◦Main Hoist: Derrick, Safe Working Load 20t
◦Crane: HIAB Knuckle Boom Crane

◦Control Room Systems, bilge system, ballast system, fuel/lube oil purifying systems, sanitary system, reverse osmosis water system, cooling system, boiler, and firefighting system

◦Life rafts (2x) 16-20 person capacity (need servicing)
◦4 Fire suits, dedicated fire pump, 4 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

◦Common Areas: Officer's mess and lounge, Crew's mess and lounge, gymnasium, galley, laundry room
◦Number of Available Berths: 29 berths
◦3 Cabins intended for senior personnel are equipped with a washroom space containing a toilet, a wash basin, and a shower

◦Class Voyage: The vessel was built to Lloyds Class ll & Lloyds Machinery Class + LMC. It was taken out of class in 1978.
◦Ice Class: Originally built ice strengthened for near-shore ice (hull Lloyd's Class II)
◦IMO: 7006766
◦Certificates are expired

◦General Arrangement (GA) Diagrams
◦Condition Survey (August 2011)
◦Asbestos Survey (March, 2006)
◦Asbestos Management Plan, CCG March 2006)
◦Environmental Audit (July, 2011)
◦Transport Canada Division 3 Report

◦The Pinchin LeBlanc Asbestos Materials Vessel Survey found non-friable asbestos containing gaskets and gasket material on the ship. See the Pinchin LeBlanc report for more details
◦Contact Patrick Wass to obtain copies of the above documents:
■Telephone: 250-363-5008

Medium Endurance Multi-tasked Vessel

Re: Ex-CCGS Gull Island

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:55 am
by JollyJack
The buyer will more than likely make a bunch of money on it when it's broken down for scrap. I'm guessing the hull is paper thin.

Re: Ex-CCGS Gull Island

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:43 am
by The Dieselduck
I would not be surprise if they strip the valuables, easily 75,000 then just abandon her. The government will have to salvage the wreck and bunch more millions spent on disposing of her. Maybe I am too pessimistic.