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The Classification of Rubber Fenders

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:20 am
by weixiao
As the number of protective measures increases, a lot of protective productions are coming out constantly. Moreover there are a lot of different types of one production so it will be suitable for different types of boats, now I will talk about rubber fenders.
Under normal conditions, rubber fenders were divided to 2 kinds by their structure: solid rubber fenders and floating type rubber fenders.
Solid rubber fenders are the anti-collision device with long history and wide application range. According to the force condition of rubber fenders which can be divided to shear type, rolling type and depression type; According to the structure of rubber fenders, the solid fenders can also be divided to D type,cone type,drum type,circular type,rectangle type,cylindrical fender and so on.
Floating rubber fenders can float freely and can be divided to pneumatic type and filler type according to their different materials of inside buffer medium. Pneumatic fenders use air compression as the medium to consume the energy by doing work from air compression; Foam filled fenders also be named solid polyurethane fenders, their inside buffer mediums are mainly of closed-cell foam materials, for example, EVA,PU,foam rubber and so on.