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The Brief Introduction of Roller and Wheel Fender

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:23 am
by weixiao
Roller and wheel fender is designed for shipyard, roll-on roll-off terminal and other occasion to limit shipping deflection offset. The main feature of roller and wheel fender is that when the boat berthed, the roller and wheel fender can turn and have 20 percent transformation to absorb some impact energy.
The features of roller and wheel fender:
1.The topside area of rubber fender is big,so the contacting stress is small.
2.With high energy absorption,low counter-force and it is suitable for the dock more than ten thousand tons.
3.The spacing between the 2 braces can adjust and the compressive deformation can up to 52.5 percent.
4.The outer layer of impingement plate is UHMWPE or nylon and the coefficient of friction is small.
5.Can be installed vertically and flatly and it doesn’t need to install anchor chain to support.