Binsfeld Engineering and OpDAQ Systems

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Binsfeld Engineering and OpDAQ Systems

Postby The Dieselduck » Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:58 pm

Torque and Power Measurement

Binsfeld Engineering and OpDAQ Systems team up to deliver real time measurement of true mechanical Torque, RPM and Power (Hp or kW) on the rotating propeller shaft.

Data acquisition systems from OpDAQ Systems Inc., hardware plus software, are designed specifically for processing, recording, displaying and analyzing the Torque, RPM and Power (Hp or kW) measurement data delivered by the TorqueTrak instruments from Binsfeld Engineering Inc.

You can't know Fuel Efficiency without knowing true mechanical Power Output.

Basic Features:

Data display, logging and analysis for the Binsfeld TorqueTrak systems.
Real-time display for Torque, Power, RPM and Shaft Direction.
Graph and Stat mode for spot data analysis.
One year of data logging capacity.
Export logged data for analysis over time with a USB dongle.
Software to analyze exported data and produce reports.

Check us out today online:
Price List:
To view our Price List and to receive product information, please register.

Or come by and visit us in person:

Binsfeld Engineering at The International WorkBoat Show, Booth # 238

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