2011 Jan - CIMarE VIB Monthly Meeting and other news

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2011 Jan - CIMarE VIB Monthly Meeting and other news

Postby The Dieselduck » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:58 pm

JANUARY BRANCH MEETING - The first Vancouver Island Branch monthly meeting will take place at 7PM Wednesday January 26 in the Lower Lounge of the Naden Naval Officers’ Wardroom. The speaker for the evening will be Victoria Marine Lawyer Darren Williams who will present a paper entitled “When is it too late? Legal Limitation Periods, and Why they are Important to Marine Engineers”. Darren Williams will present on the often overlooked, but always important, issue of what time limits effect marine engineers’ legal rights. From enforcing employment contracts or commercial agreements, to dealing with government agencies such as Transport Canada or WorkSafe, this presentation will cover many common, and some forgotten, time limits that all marine professionals should keep in mind when advancing, or protecting, their legal rights.

We encourage and look forward to a good turn out at the January 26 meeting. Come early for a beverage and to meet colleagues in the upstairs lounge. Guests and spouses are always welcome. Hope to see you there.


- For those members who have not already received theirs, we have a high quality self-adhesive weather-proof CIMarE sticker for you which will look very good applied to the back of your car Gets yours at the January meeting.

- If you have not checked the CIMarE website recently http://www.cimare.org/ , have a look at the New Year's Notes from the Engine Room which I have inserted at the bottom of this email.

- You may have noticed that you have not been receiving Canadian Sailings magazine regularly. The new arrangement is that CIMarE members will be sent Sailings when it includes the national newsletter Marine Engineering Digest quarterly.

- Your membership renewal invoice should be in the mail in the near future.

Phil Dauphinee

Communications Coordinator
Vancouver Island Branch
Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering
Victoria BC Canada

Maritech 2011 – Call for Papers

Make good on that New Year’s resolution to present a technical paper to your Institute colleagues. Maritech 2011 will be held this year in Victoria (May 4-6, 2011), home of many of Canada’s foremost marine engineers. The conference theme is “20/20, Looking to the future: A vision of Canada’s marine industry in the year 2020.” Maritech’s peerless organizers in Vancouver Island Branch can reached through the CIMarE website at: <www.cimare.org/Maritech>

The Institute’s new By-laws - Approved Members voted overwhelmingly to approve recommended changes to our Bylaws. On December 9 the Institute’s auditors conducted the opening, scrutiny and count of ballots. The voting went as follows:

Amendment #1: I approve elimination of the class of membership in the Institute known as “Associate”, retaining the classes of Member, Associate Member and Student. YES 203, NO 16, DECLINED 1

Amendment #2: I approve creation of a class of membership in the Institute to be known as “Corporate Member” as described at Articles 2 and 15-17 of the proposed amended bylaws. YES 197, NO 21, DECLINED 2

Amendment #3: I approve the amendments to the Institute’s Bylaws as detailed in the proposed amended bylaws which accompany this ballot.
YES 200, NO 18, DECLINED 2

The commitment of members to the Institute was shown through a relatively high number of returned ballots and in their comments about a variety of issues, including admission of corporate members (marine industry companies and professional associations) and classes of membership. The next step in Council’s governance review is to consider the operating “Rules” of the Institute. Changes are needed. Council will consult and seek members’ suggestions for changes to the Rules, draft changes, and ask members to ratify them at the May 2011 Annual General Meeting. Please make your views known.

Farewell to Associates - Hello to new Associate Members Start the New Year with a new CIMarE membership certificate! If you were one of the Institute’s
53 members in the category of “associate” you have become an “Associate Member” by operation of the amended By-laws. We want to make sure your membership certificate is current. After considering sending out new certificates to associates, Council asks instead that former “associates” confirm the correct spelling of their names, preferred official language on the certificate and mailing address, with our National Administrator, Kelly Marino. (Yes, the Institute does offer membership certificates in both of Canada’s official languages.) Kelly can be reached at (905) 328-2182 (and) by email at administrator@cimare.org (Please note there’s no charge for our former associates to receive new certificates.)

Full ahead for scholarships Make good on your other New Year’s resolution to refer an aspiring marine engineer to a CIMarE scholarship. Scholarly awards offered by or related to the Institute include the prestigious Dennis Cressey Marine Engineering Scholarship, the renowned Donald W. Challinor Memorial
Scholarship, and the highly sought after Vancouver Branch scholarship. Please note the application deadline for the Vancouver Branch and Cressey scholarships: February 1, 2011.

Details can be obtained from the Institute’s website and by contacting Kelly Marino.

Marine Engineers – Climate Change Leaders
We in the marine engineering business know that our industry is the most efficient and environmentally sound part of the global transportation system. There is increasing recognition of this at home and abroad by the public, regulators and policy makers. 2011 will see important meetings of the International Maritime Organization Marine Environmental Protection Committee, with one in March to address market-based measures for greenhouse gas reduction, and another in July for technical and operational innovations. Over time, these approaches - led by marine engineers - to improve air quality, energy efficiency and climate change control will affect much of our individual work. For details, see the IMO’s website at: http://www.imo.org/OurWork/EnvironmentP ... s/Further- Progress-Made-by-MEPC-61---September---October-2010---on-Technical,-Operational-and-

CMAC – CIMarE is aboard

CIMarE carries on with its representation of members and participation in the Canadian Marine Advisory Council. Administered by Transport Canada in its role as the primary regulator of marine affairs and safety in Canada, the Council serves as a clearinghouse for industry to engage government “in boating and shipping concerning safety, recreational matters, navigation, marine pollution and response and marine security.” Our representative will be present at the April 2011 meeting and offer a report to members following it.

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Re: 2011 Jan - CIMarE VIB Monthly Meeting and other news

Postby The Dieselduck » Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:02 pm

If any of you "up islanders" intend on attending, please give me a shout. I plan on going to Victoria from Nanaimo, and can provide transportation for up to 5 other people.
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