EU seafarer? Please fill out survey for study

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EU seafarer? Please fill out survey for study

Postby The Dieselduck » Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:54 am

We have been notified of an EU project to help seafarers in their careers. In particular we have been asked to help by asking members to fill out questionnaires. We hope you can help with this valuable project to make it easier for seafarers to progress their careers at sea or ashore, and encourage more young people to apply for maritime training.

- if you are a Trainee Seafarer go to
- if you are an Active Seafarer go to
- if you are an Ex-Seafarer go to

Thank you for your time and if you want an update of how the project is going or you want to make any comments please visit the dedicated Linkedin group set up for the duration of the project on or visit the website of the project organiser David Dearsley at

Thank you

The European Union funded CM2 Project is intended to help seafarers progress their careers at sea and, if they eventually decide to come ashore, to make it easier for them to find jobs in the shore industries that rely on the maritime knowledge, skills and the general abilities of seafarers. It is hoped that the results of the CM2 Project will encourage more young people in Europe to regard maritime training as a passport into an exciting and rewarding career at sea and, when the time comes, within the maritime community ashore.

But to be able to target barriers to successful career progression at sea and ashore, and to find solutions to them, we need the opinions and suggestions of those most affected – seafarers themselves.

This questionnaire is intended for active/serving EUROPEAN seafarers of all ranks in the maritime profession, including both officers and ratings.

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