2015 Oct - Riviera’s Asian Marine Engineering Conference, Singapore

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2015 Oct - Riviera’s Asian Marine Engineering Conference, Singapore

Postby The Dieselduck » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:16 am

The UIMI wants to address the causes of marine equipment failure:
Owners should be made to make records available that provide important information on the condition of the ship and its machinery when a ship changes hands. Simon Stonehouse of the International Union of Marine Insurance will tell Riviera’s Asian Marine Engineering Conference, 14-15 October, in Singapore.

In a keynote presentation on 14 October, as part of a broader paper on the main causes and sources of marine engines and auxiliary equipment failure, attendees will hear that when a vessel changes ownership there is a common failure to pass on:

• Records of main engine cylinder liner calibrations
• Generator engine overhaul reports
• Dry dock reports
• Ultra sonic steel thickness measurement reports.
• Historical lubricating oil analysis results
• Historical fuel oil analysis results

Delegates will hear that a significant improvement to the vessel’s risk profile would be achieved by requiring the maintenance records, operating reports, and spares inventory to be part of the permanent service history of the ship and covered by the regulatory regime, possibly through additional clauses in the sale and purchase agreement.

IUMI is not hopeful of achieving an early resolution to this ongoing issue despite having jointly (with the Joint Hull Committee) petitioned IACS with a suggested rule change to require the maintenance of ship records as a condition of classification.

Owner/operators will not want to miss this compelling presentation with its radical suggestions for changing the way vessels are bought and sold in future.

View the full conference agenda here http://marinepropulsion.msgfocus.com/c/ ... iTWwlZIaaO

To reserve your place at the conference please contact me on the details below, or alternatively you can book online.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

Best Regards,

Kym Tan
Head of Sales - Asia
+65 6809 3098

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