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2017 April - VIB CIMarE Monthly presentation, Victoria

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:42 pm
by The Dieselduck
There is a lot of buzz in the marine world about autonomous unmanned ships going on. How much is factual? How much is hype? How much is deranged imagination?

Come to the meeting on Thursday the 20th, and you'll have a chance to find out from someone who is knowledgeable, and immersed in the subject. The presentation will be

'Autonomous Surface Vessel - current and future state of unmanned marine platforms
Presented by Liam Johnson
The presentation will discuss InDro Robotic's development and deployment of the 'Talos ASV' (their primary unmanned surface craft) and how recent advances in electronics and firmware have made development of such systems possible. The speaker will also expand on the current state of the unmanned service sector and how recent advances in unmanned technology will shape our understanding of the marine environment across the board.'

Liam Johnston received his B.A.Sc. from Memorial University of Newfoundland, graduating from their Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering program. In his role at InDro Robotics, Liam works on systems integration of both aerial and marine drones, currently focusing on the development of a quick-deploy marine surface craft.'

We'll gather as usual from about 1830 on, with the meeting starting at 1900, in the lower wardroom at the Naden wardroom on the Esquimalt Naval Base. Please feel free to bring a guest!

If any questions, email or call me at 250-661-7369

Bill Wallace, Communications, VI Branch, CIMarE