2018 May - CIMarE VIB Monthly Presentation

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2018 May - CIMarE VIB Monthly Presentation

Postby The Dieselduck » Mon May 14, 2018 11:03 am


Good Day, All-----
Our usual monthly meeting at Naden's lower wardroom will resume this month.

A speaker from Pilgrim Bandits Canada will talk about an organization that I think very few of us have heard of.

It is an organization set up to provide stimulating physical challenges to disabled veterans. Later this year they will be taking a team of 5 disabled Canadian veterans to participate in a tandem bicycle ride from the southern tip of New Zealand’s Motupohue Scenic Reserve in Bluff (the bottom of New Zealand’s south island) to Cape Reinga (ultimate northern New Zealand) a distance of 1,521, miles or 2,500 km. Those participating will be injured servicemen from 3 countries: The UK, Canada and New Zealand.

The meeting will convene at 1900. Members often arrive early to share a beverage and conversation in the upper level wardroom.

Bill Wallace, Communications, VI Branch, CIMarE

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