RFP for The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering

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RFP for The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering

Postby The Dieselduck » Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:48 pm

The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering / L’Institut Canadien de Génie Maritime

Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering
The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (referred hereafter as the “CIMarE” or the “Institute”), a national non-profit organization incorporated in 1976, is seeking proposals to operate and manage its National Headquarters. This RFP contains:

A. Instructions to Proponents;
B. Terms of Reference;
C. Proposal Evaluation;
D. Requirements for National Headquarters Administrator;
E. Marine Engineering Digest;
F. CIMarE, Assets and Equipment;
G. Remuneration; and
H. Innovation.

A. Instructions to Proponents

A1. Introduction
The successful proponent will be contracted to be the National Headquarters Administrator. The responsibilities and duties of the National Headquarters Administrator are detailed in section D - Requirements for National Headquarters Administrator. In summary the position requirements are:
To undertake the duties and responsibilities of National Headquarters Administrator of the CIMarE as defined in this RFP. The duties and responsibilities encompass secretarial support, financial accounting and control, record keeping and filing, mailing and custodial and distribution functions.

The National Headquarters Administrator will provide a national headquarters address and office storage space, will enable appropriate communication links to be established, will provide necessary office equipment to carry out the required duties and will be competent in the use of typical office computing and communication systems. It is not expected that the duties, though challenging and varied, will require continuous full time effort. Remuneration for the position will reflect this.

A2. Submission of Proposal
a) The Proposal shall be submitted in three copies to:

Selection Committee
Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering
8090A Rrte Transcanadienne
St Laurent, QC H4S 1M5

The envelope containing the proposal should be identified with the following:


b) Closing Date
Closing Date for receipt of proposals is close of business

Tuesday, January 13, 2009.
A3. Term of Contract
It is presently anticipated that the contract will be awarded by February 28, 2009 with the term to commence April 1, 2009. Bids submitted however, shall be valid for 180 days.

The term of contract will be subject to negotiation, however will not be less than one (1) year. Ideally the term of contract shall be for three (3) years with an option for an additional two (2) years. The CIMarE reserves the right to terminate any contract arising from this request for proposal on minimum 90 days notice

A4. Qualification Requirements
Demonstrated knowledge of basic accounting and small office management is a requirement. Although not essential, knowledge of and familiarity with the
Canadian marine industry in general and marine engineering in particular is preferred.

A5. Information to Be Provided With Proposals

a) Cost Proposal
Provide a firm monthly rate to provide services, as detailed in Section D:
Requirements for National Headquarters Administrator. If the service requirement is extended to subsequent years a cost of living adjustment not less than the

Statistics Canada, Consumer Price Index will be applied. Any proposed exclusions from the services detailed in Section D: Requirements for National
Headquarters Administrator or assumptions on which the firm monthly rate has been based, should be detailed. The preferred proposal will be calculated on the proponent submitting a two part proposal as follows:
Part 1 will be a base monthly/annual rate;
Part 2 will be a variable rate based on the number of paid up members in the

CIMarE (students excepted). Current paid membership is approximately 400 members

b) Experience and Capability of Candidate
Provide current resume including names and contact information of references.
Details of experience and qualifications in following areas to be provided:
· Office Management;
· Records Management ;
· Computer Skills;
· Accounting; and
· Ability to organize meetings for National Council.

c) Suitability of Proposed Facilities

The Proposal shall include the following information:
· Postal address of office;
· Copy of insurance policy;
· Details of security system in place; and
· Details of equipment available for use by the CIMarE.


B. Terms of Reference: National Headquarters Administrator
The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering is a national non-profit organization incorporated in 1976 with the following objectives:
a) to enable Marine Engineers and those of associated professions to meet and to correspond, facilitate the exchange of ideas and the publication and communication of information;
b) uphold the status of the members of the CIMarE by prescribing standards of knowledge and experience and applying such standards for election to membership of the CIMarE;
c) cooperate with kindred professional associations;
d) maintain and improve the status of the marine engineering profession education in the science and practice of marine engineering;
e) cooperate with the governments of Canada and other agencies to further the improvement of existing and the development of new safety regulations related to the profession; and
f) do any such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above mentioned Aims and Objectives.

The CIMarE is comprised of approximately 400 members, coordinated through seven (7) branches, Newfoundland, Atlantic, St. Lawrence, Ottawa, Great Lakes, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

The CIMarE is directed by a National Council, comprised of one elected member from each branch. General administration of the affairs of the CIMarE is provided by the National Headquarters Administrator.

The National Headquarters Administrator is the only individual receiving financial compensation for the operation of the CIMarE.

C. Proposal Evaluation
Proposals will be evaluated by the Selection Committee. The objective of the evaluation is to select the proposal offering the best value to the CIMarE.
To this end the following will be considered in evaluating proposals:

a) Cost of Service;
b) Experience and Capability of Candidate ;
c) Suitability of proposed facilities;
d) Demonstrable stability and capability to offer long term commitment; and
e) Knowledge and Experience of Marine Industry/Marine Engineering.

D. Requirements for National Headquarters Administrator

D1. Duties and Responsibilities of the National Headquarters Administrator
To provide administration of the affairs of the CIMarE in accordance with the requirements detailed hereunder subject to the by-laws of the CIMarE and any
specific guidance or direction provided by the National Council and in compliance with applicable law for a federally incorporated non-profit organization.

D2. Corporate Administration
The National Headquarters Administrator is responsible for the administration of the corporate affairs of the CIMarE. This shall include:
a) The provision of notice as required for the Annual General Meeting, and National Council or special meetings of the CIMarE;
b) The coordination, preparation and distribution of agenda for the Annual General Meeting, and National Council or special meetings of the CIMarE;
c) Organize all meetings of the Institute, including teleconferences or video conferences but excluding branch meetings. The National Headquarters
Administrator is responsible for the recording of all votes taken and keeping of accurate minutes of meetings;
d) Ensuring that all minutes and other official records of meetings are officially authorized and distributed to attendees in an expeditious manner;
e) Ensuring that a master file of all meetings and other proceedings of the Institute is kept in good order. A minute book is to be kept of all original
signed copies of minutes of meetings;
f) Acting as the custodian of the corporate seal of the Institute. The seal shall be delivered only when authorized by a resolution of National Council to
do so to such person or persons named in the resolution.

D3. Membership Administration

The National Headquarters Administrator is responsible for administration of activities associated with membership of the Institute including:
a) Maintaining the membership records and roll of the CIMarE up to date and in good order;

b) Coordination of the processing of all new membership applications in consultation with the membership director;
c) The processing and issue of membership certificates and welcome letters to new members;
d) The issue and processing of application and renewal invoices;
e) Responding to communications from members of the CIMarE in an appropriate manner;
f) Reporting on changes to membership (new members, change of status, members left) to National Council meetings;
g) Reporting to the National Council any significant issues relating to membership e.g. birth of children, marriage, death, new appointments etc.;
h) Issue annual tax receipts to members as confirmation of receipt of annual membership dues; and
i) Follow-up on unpaid membership to branches.

D4. Financial Administration

The National Headquarters Administrator is responsible for administration and maintenance of financial records of the Institute in consultation and the director
of finance.

Duties include:
a) The maintenance of all necessary financial records, including receipts and disbursements, accounts payable, receivables, etc.
b) The preparation and issue to National Council of periodic statements of thefinancial status of the CIMarE;
c) The preparation of year end financial statements and distribution thereof at least one (1) month prior to the Annual General Meeting;
d) The preparation and provision of all necessary documentation or other support for year end or other financial audits;
e) The Coordination of and arranging for the signing of any receipts for income tax purposes to members;
f) The maintenance of such bank or other financial institution account(s) as directed by National Council;
g) In consultation with the director of finance, the preparation and forecasting of income and expenditures each year for consideration by National

h) The Maintenance and management of bursary or other trust fund accounts as directed by National Council;
i) The management of the administration of branch grants as directed by National Council;
j) Provide an annual update to National Council as to the cost of postage, internet service and phone/fax costs.

Example of Task Timeline
i) Annual
· Send invoices for annual dues;
· Track payments and bank same;
· Issue tax receipts to members;
· Issue branch grants (if approved);
· Arrange for Directors and Officers insurance though “Morris Mackenzie Insurance”;
· Submit financial report to AGM;
· Receive and branch financial reports from branches
· Send out a Maritech Flyer for next Maritech with tax receipts to reduce postage (refer to CIMarE website for further information regarding Maritech);

ii) Monthly

· Issue financial report and forward to director of finance;
· Provide membership updates regarding unpaid members to director of membership and branches.

D5. Office Administration

The National Headquarters Administrator is responsible for general office and other administration on behalf of the Institute including the following:
a) Provision of suitable space for and care of all CIMarE records;
b) Maintenance of adequate stocks of CIMarE forms, publicity pamphlets, bylaws etc., and distribution of such documents, as required to the branches;
c) Maintenance of records of all scholarships/branch prizes offered and awarded by the Institute, including names of benefactors, terms of awards, investments, as directed by National Council and details of beneficiaries;
d) Maintenance in good order of reasonable stocks of regalia (Plaques, ties, crests, etc.) for distribution against payment to branches;

e) Acting as clearing house for communication between National Council and branches and as the identified initial point of contact between third party
individuals and organizations and the CIMarE. To this end, phone, fax and email communication with the office of the National Headquarters Administrator shall be possible during normal working hours.
f) Arrangement of printing or other office support activities as directed by National Council, including printing of membership certificates; flyers etc.
but not including printing of the newsletter;
g) The provision of reasonable office support to National Council Members as may be required from time to time in furtherance of the objective of the
h) Organization of meeting rooms, teleconferences or video conferences as required for National Council Meetings;
i) Provision of services as may be required to effect an orderly transition on completion of the contract term.

D6. Facilities and Equipment
The National Headquarters Administrator shall provide for a minimum of the following facilities and equipment to support the administration of the affairs of
the Institute.

Unless identified as being required exclusively for CIMarE purposes, (marked by *) facilities and equipment may be utilized by the National Headquarters
Administrator to support other endeavors as long as the business of the CIMarE is not compromised.
a) Office working space;
b) Dedicated storage space for records. Space should be a dry, heated area collocated with working space. Space shall be securable;
c) Dedicated telephone line and fax line;
d) Telephone;
e) Fax machine;
f) Computer capable of modern business standard with internet and e mail capabilities;
g) High speed internet connection;
h) Laser printer;
i) Photocopier;
j) Software – Microsoft Office and Quickbooks;
k) Back up capability to ensure data security.

E. Marine Engineering Digest
In addition to the administrative duties, the National Headquarters Administrator will be responsible for preparation of the Marine Engineering Digest (“MED”).
The MED is currently published three (3) times per year as an insert in the weekly Canadian Sailings magazine. Issues are published in April, August, and

The National Headquarters Administrator will solicit advertising for the MED as well as solicit branches for news, articles, etc. The agreement with Canadian
Sailings is that for every page of advertising the CIMarE will receive one page of space (i.e. 50/50). In the past, the MED has usually been 16-18 pages.
Canadian Sailings will also give one page free for Maritech advertising if Maritech uses Canadian Sailings as a media sponsor and distributes the magazine at Maritech.

Preparation of the MED requires time to firm up both advertising and news from the branches. Estimated time for soliciting ads, follow up with branches, proof reading articles is about 4 weeks per year. The National Headquarters Administrator currently earns additional revenue of $800 per issue of MED in addition to payment received for administration of the CIMarE National Headquarters.

F. CIMarE Assets

F1. Assets
a) Filing Cabinets - Headquarters has three (3) filing cabinets with 4 drawers each. The filing cabinets contain various membership information, old copies of MED and directors’ correspondence.
b) Two Door Cabinet - There is one 2 door cabinet that contains membership certificates, office supplies and regalia, originals of certificate artwork.
c) Safe - There is one floor safe (footprint is approximately 2 ½ ft square) containing minutes of meetings and the corporate seal of CIMarE.
d) Bankers Boxes - There are 15 bankers’ boxes of archives. These boxes contain financial information, membership (old members) etc. going back to the 1990’s. Some of these could be discarded. They are presently stored on a shelf unit that belongs to Hermont Marine.

F2. Clarification of Other Office Supplies
CIMarE does not own any office furniture or equipment such as desks, chairs, computers, fax machine, printer, photocopier or software.

F3. Software Utilized
Microsoft Office is used for all office work and Quickbooks is used for accounting.

F4. Transfer of Assets to New Headquarters
The National Headquarters Administrator shall be responsible for the transfer of existing CIMarE assets from Hermont Marine in Montreal to the new National
Headquarters of CIMarE.

G. Remuneration

G1. Basis of Payment
The National Headquarters Administrator will be paid a fixed sum for professional services as contracted. Payment for professional services will be inclusive of all costs but exclusive of Marine Engineering Digest. Current paid membership of the Institute is approximately 400. In the event of significant change in membership, the fixed payment shall be subject to renegotiation. Significant change shall be considered to be either:
a) Paid membership exceeds 800; or
b) Paid membership is less than 200.

The National Headquarters Administrator will be reimbursed for miscellaneous costs properly incurred in the execution of the work. Such expenses shall be
reimbursed at cost as supported by receipts, vouchers or other appropriate documentation.

Typical miscellaneous costs to be reimbursed by the CIMarE include:
· Travel and living costs (only as pre-approved by National Council);
· Certificates and artwork;
· Bank charges;
· Approved subscriptions;
· Directors’ liability insurance;
· Printing

G2. Method of Payment
Payment for professional services will be paid on a monthly basis, one month in arrears.

Payment for incurred expenses will be made within 30 days of submission and approval of supporting documentation.

H. Innovation
The CIMarE is receptive to the consideration of proposals for the provision of other services which are additional to the scope of work for the National Headquarters Administrator identified in Section D Requirements for National Headquarters

Administrator of this RFP, but which are consistent with the objectives of the CIMarE and would increase or improve service to members. (An example would be
additional services to members via the CIMarE website). Proposals for undertaking additional responsibility for any options identified should be submitted as a separate stand alone document, not included in your response to this RFP for the National Headquarters Administrator.

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