2009 Feb - VIB of the CIMarE Victoria Shipyard tour

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2009 Feb - VIB of the CIMarE Victoria Shipyard tour

Postby The Dieselduck » Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:45 pm

Vancouver Island Branch CIMarE members and their guests have been invited to Victoria Shipyards to tour the construction of the new SEABUS on Thursday February 19 at 7PM.

Please advise if you are going to attend with the name of any guests you would like to bring. As with all shipyards tours, please wear suitable footwear and bring a hard-hat if you have one.

A new SEABUS for service between Vancouver and North Vancouver across Burrard Inlet is currently under construction at Victoria Shipyards. The design of the new SeaBus could not stray very far from that of the existing two SeaBuses, which have been in operation for over thirty years. It was that long in-service experience that lead to the many improvements for the new vessel. To the untrained eye many will have difficulty distinguishing the new SeaBus from the old, much like with the evolution of the old Volkswagen Beetle. A significant improvement will be made to the wheelhouse in terms of ergonomics and functionality. The passenger area will actually be more spacious with ventilation equipment being relocated the upper deck. Improvements will also be realised in terms of the hull and propulsion system. The original vessels will eventually be refitted to benefit from some of the updates to the new SeaBus.

Phil Dauphinee [pdauphinee aatt shaw.ca]
Vancouver Island Branch
Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering
Victoria BC
Computer graphic of the new Vancouver Seabus being built at Victoria Shipyard
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