Direct Examination - First Class

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Direct Examination - First Class

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hello colleagues,

What a trip it is to apply for direct examination and specifically first class. After a long journey of proving qualifying seatime without testimonials ( we never required it for upgrading CoC's), refreshing certificates which expired in the meantime and a couple of explanations on what dynamic positioning is. I have finally received the approval to write my general engineering knowledge, motor knowledge and do my oral for first class. Obviously the PPS2 course is required aswell but I'm not so nervous about that course. Judging by the answers of the topic on second class exams I take it that the current posted exam questions on the library for first class are still valid aswell? I have purchased reeds general engineering knowledge and motor knowledge books, what are the odds of getting some mathematical nightmare questions for the exams?

Also whats the reasoning of needing to have a valid TC medical to write an exam or do an oral?

Oh btw on a sidenote, Martin.. I loved your article about the dutch runner, I worked in the office after it came to Canada. I could write a book about that place.
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Re: Direct Examination - First Class

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ahh the dutch runner, indeed what a storied vessel.

I don't think you'll find much math problems in the part b's, that's usually in part a's.

TC is on a collision course. Trying to maintain their antiquated and obsolete certification system in a world where it has mostly been standardized, and accepted worldwide. TC has not modernize, yet ship owners looking for cheaper foreign tickets are pressurizing them to accept STCW tickets which they now are from several countries and growing.

All that means that the average guy like you and me, who make the huge investment in time and money to achieve certification are most likely going to be left in the cold and bypassed altogether when ship owners in Canada really turn the pressure to bring in non tax paying CoC instead of raising wages. Ship owners in Canada, big business in Canada, gets whatever they want, it feels like, its the only reason government exist. sad really

Good point on the medical. Seeing how convoluted and problematic the examination process, you'd think it be the last thing on the list to check off.
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