Transport Canada transfer process

Going through the licensing process ? Have queries, comments, or do you need an answer to that obscure exam question ? This is the place to post.
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Transport Canada transfer process

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After ten+ years in the navy I'm trying to enter the merchant marine. Am having trouble with my transfer since they ignored all of my senior qualifications and sea time instead offering my ERR after completing the required safety courses (MED PSC/MBFA) and only the literal sea days the fleet had logged (24 hours fully at sea, no anchoring/mooring/alongsides). My regional office is supporting me on filing an appeal via the complaint form and I've gone thoroughly through the 4th class engineer pre-requisites ( ... l#h-729965). Am going to put all my alongside time under (c)(vii) up to 24 months as an engineer or assistant engineer on day work, and the full extent of my sea days (including partial days) will take me over the 1080 required to challenge the 4th class.

Not looking for any specific feedback, just any helpful suggestions, impressions, thoughts, or words of encouragement/caution if nothing else. First post, looking forward to getting into it.
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Re: Transport Canada transfer process

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unfortunately Navy does not do things like the Merchant Marine. This is why you are having to go through this route. Not saying right or wrong. Just different realities.
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Re: Transport Canada transfer process

Post by Nova636 »

I have completed this process a few years ago, and while there was hoops to jump though I found I was able to complete it with out much trouble.
I did have to request a sea day count though the Ottawa and present this with transfer, this request took at least 6 months for them to get the paperwork to me. If I can be of any help feel free to reach out to me.
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Re: Transport Canada transfer process

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Sea time, sea time, sea time, make sure you log it and have it verified. Whether its Transport Canada or Australian Maritime Safety Authority or US Coast Guard; the key to CoC is sea time and its proper documentation. Make sure you have the proper Sea Time testimonial from TC, otherwise an accurate tally on company letterhead. The more documentation the better.

Training will help you be a better engineer, but if its not approve by TC (or whatever authority you are seeking CoC from), its just not honored. Probably the number one complaint i hear. Sea time, well, you cant interpret that, so that's what is the most important.

Additional experience, refit, machine shop, etc. can be substituted, but only as a percentage (1/3) of actual time at sea. So again, meticulous breakdown of time, doing what and where, then countersigned, is gold.
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Re: Transport Canada transfer process

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What trade are you, if you don't mind my asking?
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