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Going through the licensing process ? Have queries, comments, or do you need an answer to that obscure exam question ? This is the place to post.
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RE; question-answer

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One guy asked me how to fix a brocken bulb :)
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Where are you writing at?

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The pupose of the question is to find out if you follow proper procedures ie "Lock Out Tag Out" before you stick your fingers or some other foreign object into a "Live" socket

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Changing a light bulb in the cargo pump room of an oil tanker has some very specific precautions to ensure that the light fixture is de-energized, the inspector probably wanted to know if you were aware of this.

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RE; question-answer

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Let the first engineer you need to change the bulb, he adds it to tomorrows work planning, it is discussed in the morning meeting to check for conflicts, you fill out the lockout certificate, working aloft permit if required, round up an assistant to pass you your tools so you can keep your hands free as you go up 2 rungs on the ladder, put on your leather-covered rubber gloves, remove the old bulb and toss it into the broken glass container in your shop, fit new bulb, come off your ladder, remove lock-out and test bulb, close out certificates and permits, and hoist one in the bar, congratulating yourself on a job well done, as it took all day to change the bulb in the E/R toilet!! Cheers.

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A sense of humor I can appreciate. Thanks Carbob and welcome to the forum.

Your probably not very far from the answer they expect.
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