2nd Class Electrotechnology

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2nd Class Electrotechnology

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Hi all,

I will write my second class electro in vancouver in a couple of weeks. I am using Reed's volume 6. I currently have two versions of that book
(2nd and 3rd editions) and unfortunately the content is not exactly the same. That wouldnt be a problem if the 3rd edition had more content, but it's the other way around. More specifically, the 2nd edition has a whole chapter on electronics while this was removed from the 3rd edition. No mention is made of this in the preface, which I found strange.

Could an examiner or anybody that wrote the exam recently tell me if I can safely ignore the chapter 15 on electronics from the older 2nd edition? Chapter 14 of the older version also seems to contain material not covered in the newer version.


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Re: 2nd Class Electrotechnology

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Electronics is covered in depth in the ETO Exam, which has not been published yet. Very basic knowledge of Electronics is needed for 2ELC Exam, that's why Reeds Vol 6 is entitled "Basic Electrotechnology for Engineers" and not for ETOs. :)
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