2nd class motor question

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2nd class motor question

Postby joer » Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:28 am

studying for my 2nds and can't find answer to this question:

1. State the reason for explosions taking place in the following and in each case, the precautions necessary to prevent their occurring.

a) Blast airline

I know the answer for parts b), c) and d) of the question but can't find any good info in regards to this part. any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2nd class motor question

Postby Big Pete » Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:36 am


This is a very good question.
I suspect the reason that you have had no replies is that no one knows what a blast air line is.
Apart from the blast air lines (Tuyeres) in a steel blast furnace, the only blast air lines I know of are completely obsolete.

In the early days of the dastardly Dr Diesel's invention, a measured quantity of fuel (initially powdered coal) was injected into the cylinders using high pressure compressed air, this was known as "Blast Injection".
After problems using coal, the same system was modified to use liquid fuel. (Diesel oil).
The air compressors were engine driven, and took about 40% of the power of the engine to drive them!

Engine design rapidly changed to using "solid injection" which is what we are all used to now.

Unless anyone knows of any other blast air lines, the question is about 80 years out of date!!

The reasons for an explosion in this line would be similar to that for an air start line.
1) Fuel leaking past the metering device into the air line, and being heated and compressed when the blast air is admitted to the line, causing "diesel ignition".
2) The valve between the the cylinder and the blast air system leaking and allowing the cylinder temperatures and pressures into the fuel metering device and blast air line.
Good luck with the exams.
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Re: 2nd class motor question

Postby JK » Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:07 am

Only 80 years LOL!.
Joer must be studying for a Canadian ticket.

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