First Class orals questions

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First Class orals questions

Postby The Dieselduck » Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:05 am

A friend of mine is taking his first class orals and several questions have hitched him a little from his ticket. I think we have actually answered these here on the forum, but I cant find the answers anymore. So if anyone could refresh my memory that would be appreciated....

Q1 - What are the limitations of a Cdn first class motors ticket? My answers according to TP 2293 is... not valid on a steam vessel, not valid for a ACV (Air Cushion Vehicle). Are there any other limitations ?

Q2 - Life boat is found damaged upon joining a new vessel in Hong Kong what do you do? Tell Capt, Call DPA, Alert PSC... in that order, anything else obliged to do?

Q3 - Your going to Singapore from Vancouver, what considerations should be taken when ordering bunkers, for the voyage? (Safety margin - ?)

I have seen these questions before, and the answers, but I cant remember where, if anyone has input that would be most appreciated.
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