LO consumption high Wartsila 46 Engine

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LO consumption high Wartsila 46 Engine

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I am Jahirul. In recent treads we found that LO consumption is high on Wartsila 46 engine compared to previous. Present consumption is 0.95 gm/kwh where as previous it was 0.65 gm/kwh. We checked the separator. Its okay. What checking should be done on engine side?

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Re: LO consumption high Wartsila 46 Engine

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1)did u overhaul gene, if yes then maybe scrapper ring is inverted
2)one vessel turbochrger seals were kaput and were loosing lub oil there, how is the general condition of lube oil
3)check pcomp pressure after discoonecting the racks, if have different values then chances of loosing oil due to broken rings or ovality of liner
4)stem seals in cylinder head
5)ensure drain valves are properly shut
right now can think of these things, do check and update

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