Seperator Problem

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Re: Seperator Problem

Post by JK »

I had a problem separator like this on one of my ships. I ended up bring in a FSR to get it going and see what was wrong. ( oh the horrors! But when you start adding up the kit costs every time it came apart...).
The ship was transferred right after I purchased a new purifier. LOL. I think they installed it on one of their ships instead of mine. Opportunity knocked and an even worse one was replaced.
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Re: Seperator Problem

Post by Mikmik2328 »

hi, alestevardiya just a small and quick suggestion base on my experience..kindly check your air solenoid valve( changing over v/v from feed to re-circulation) if its working properly or not,
Mostafa bassam
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Re: Seperator Problem

Post by Mostafa bassam »

We have alfa laval p 605 I wonder why the motor rpm in manual is different from the actual.. I see in the manual the rpm of the motor 3000 but actually in the plate of motor 2870 :shock:
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Re: Seperator Problem

Post by JANGA »

i am facing a problem with alfa laval p605 purifier, after major overhauling we started the purifier and suddenly pt 4 low alarm comes and large amount of lub oil going to sludge tank .please help about this
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