Dry cleaning of turbochargers

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Dry cleaning of turbochargers

Postby Mikkelsborg » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:04 pm

Turbocharger cleaning (Same system can be used regardless of make - Both for NAPIER,ABB etc)

Wet cleaning vs. Drycleaning
The most effective cleaning of a turbocharger is wet cleaning

Wet cleaning.:
May only be applied with maximum 30-40 % load in order to clean without removing raw basic material. The water impact is better than dry material but also harder – thus the load reduction….. Best way of cleaning when applied correct…

The crews sometime try to do better than required and apply water at 80+ % load, causing material wear due to hard impact and further causing stress in the parts. By removing material the cleaning can cause unbalance resulting in T/C failure.

Dry cleaning.:
May be applied at all loads but recommended at minimum 80 %.

The impact is not as hard as water, and several cleanings may be required in order to gain same result as wet cleaning.

(Attached a dry cleaning guidance)

We developed to a client, a compressor side wet cleaning system as they had many problems with oil mist in the engine room which reduced the TC performance on the compressor side. The system was simple with a injector nozzle in the air inlet casing turning the rotor by water and compressed air (During port stay - non operation). The water was with a slight alcalic detergent from a portable tank driven by airpressure, and then the casing drained with a transparent hose to monitor colour of return water. It was cheap and very efficient....
Turbineblades after short operation
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Re: Dry cleaning of turbochargers

Postby The Dieselduck » Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:06 am

excellent, thanks
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