Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) - ship's Fuel For the Future?

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Re: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) - ship's Fuel For the Future?

Postby JFC » Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:23 pm

Hi all,

I am still trying to improve my knowledge from my learned collegues here. Like to hear from ya?

Primarily I am wondering about:

- the bunkering process, how does that work, from a truck delivery to the ship, or from a tank ashore? What kind of procedure is required? Safety? How long?
-the approach with shipyard refits with LNG fueled ships....can you pump the gas down and store it onboard in refit?
-how long does it take to start up a ship from cold or dead ship condition? Starting with the bunkering process, then to starting engines from cold. particularly straight LNG system.
-experience with the performance of engines using LNG. All gas fueled equipment (Main engines, S/s Generators, stdby emergency equipement etc?),
-condition of machinery at survey
-storage tank surveys

Any other comments or experiences would be appreciated.

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