Caterpiller Customer Day 2011

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Caterpiller Customer Day 2011

Postby Madzng » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:00 am

A colleague of mine recently attended a Caterpiller customer day. In the following links are the presentations given. Unsure if they will be of any benefit, but I hope someone will gain something useful from them.

Emissions and Product Review ... unlevy.pdf
Business Model Marine Systems Integration ... ircher.pdf
Marine Emission Compliance Strategy, IMO III, 3500 & C175 ... enette.pdf
Technical IMO 3 scenarios for MaK Systems ... hmeyer.pdf
Dual Fuel Status ... 20Uslu.pdf
Two-stage Turbo Charging for Medium Speed Engines, Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Medium Speed Engines ... hmeyer.pdf
3500 Marine Gas Generator Set ... 0Boyer.pdf
Engine configuration for variablespeed Østensjø PSV ... 20Skar.pdf
Control & Monitoring System Developments ... %B6hnk.pdf
Cooling Water Heat Recovery ... effner.pdf
Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems ... illert.pdf
The Global Shipping Markets 2020 Development and Bunker Fuels ... alsson.pdf
Benefit in Specific Fuel Oil Consumption of • Combinator mode with CPP • Common Rail • Auxiliary Gensets with Common Rail ... Ahlers.pdf

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