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Wartsila Vassa R 22 series fuel booster pump failures

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:44 pm
by Brent H
We are running four 12 cylinder R 22 series Wartsilas and have recently been having fuel booster pump failures. Just wondreing if this is a common problem for other operators?

The failure involves poor meshing of the pump drive gear to the crankshaft main gear. The fuel pump shaft shears just below the gear body and falls (luckly) onto the sump pan edge.

This is our second failure and times ranged from ten hours to 2000, however, both failures very similar.

Fuel pumps are of a slightly different design than original and the new gear is about twice the mass of the original gears.

Just wondering if there have been similar shaft failures and if the metallrgy of the shaft is in question? We have been receiving several other parts that are of very substandard manufacture.