FBD:Software for Freeboard Calculation(www.thenavalarch.com)

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FBD:Software for Freeboard Calculation(www.thenavalarch.com)

Postby thenavalarch » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:18 am


http://www.thenavalarch.com launches the much awaited software for Loadline/Freeboard calculations, FBD Ver 1.0.

Some features of the software are:

1. A graphic user interface for easy use
2. Easy and intuitive data input
3. The Loadline mark and different freeboards(Summer, Winter,Tropical etc.) shown in output
3. Automatic generation of a detailed word report demonstrating the entire calculations and the Loadline mark.
4. FAQs on crucial aspects of the calculations.
5. Video help files for using the software.

The trial and full versions of the software are available for download now on the link below:

http://www.thenavalarch.com/usedownload ... -software/

To download the trial version directly, please goto:


To activate the full version, goto


*Note: The trial version of the software is perpetual, the difference is that it only does the calculations and cannot generate reports.

Best regards


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