R -410a versus NH3

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Re: R -410a versus NH3

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Keerist, I'll stick with the hangover, one shot was good enough for me

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Re: R -410a versus NH3

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I found Oxygen a preety effective cure for a hangover.
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Re: R -410a versus NH3

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:o The plant I worked on had two Hall Compressors in an engineroom which was about 100 feet high. Up on the catwalks and onto the roof were several large condensers water cooled. In a large loft space over the cold storage rooms were brine coolers. Several times a week these brine coolers had to be charged with raw salt. This was done by cutting open a 25 gallon drum and splitting it end to end with a cold chisel and a lump hammer, sledging the salt, loading up several bucket loads and into the lift. Up beyond the fourth floor, into the roof space and a million brass wing nuts to undo and the cooler charged. Repetitive hard work. The original compressors were horizontal ones set into the floor, half in and half out was a flywheel about 25 feet diameter. When the new compressors were fitted the old ones were just left there. Always a smell of ammonia which you just got used to, this was to be your introduction to the constant clatter of machinery, next apprentice up from whom you were taking over would tell you when on 12 hour nights if you nodded off any slight change of machinery noise and you would wake up. This proved of course to continue throught my career.
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