Amongst My Souveniers

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Re: Amongst My Souveniers

Postby JK » Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:50 am

They're hard to get. I think I had a first edition but gave it to a good friend as a birthday gift many years ago.

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Re: Amongst My Souveniers

Postby D Winsor » Sat Sep 03, 2016 5:39 am

Merlyn wrote:Blimey, small world or what?
Just discovered after 56 years my Wee Scotch tough guy hero was in fact played by an American actor.
Another dream from the past shattered thanks to the power of the Internet.
We used to strut around the engine room mimicking his accent thinking it was real.
Those books might be worth something today?

I'd hate to burst you bubble again but the actor James Doohan that portrayed the "Scottish" Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott of original "Star Trek" fame was not Scottish either. He was a Canadian from Sarnia Ontario, a decorated Canadian Army D-Day Veteran and RCAF Pilot.
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Re: Amongst My Souveniers

Postby Merlyn » Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:28 am

Well I copped a sucker punch there back in 1960 alright.
Thomas Mitchell, I really thought at the time he was a roughy toughy Scotchman.
He was in Stagecoach and a lot of famous films and in all those years I never knew he was Glencannon in a change of career direction ( or on extended shore leave perhaps )
Such is life.
Remembering The Good Old days, when Chiefs stood watches and all Torque settings were F.T.

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