Column Base Plate Design - Beta Version (

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Column Base Plate Design - Beta Version (

Postby thenavalarch » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:27 am launches the Beta version of Column Base Plate Design App.

This App can be used to design a base plate for a vertical column under axial load/moment.
It is useful in both Civil and Marine applications where base plates are deployed.
Based on AISC Steel Design Guide 01, Second Ed.
A video of the product is here:

***************Beta Version Launch************************

A Beta version of the App is launched for users to download free of cost. This version will last till 30th Sep 2016. A free full version of the product is offered to users who download and test the beta version and provide feedback, subject to following conditions

Comments shall be provided before 30th Sep 2016
Detailed review should be on following areas – Look and feel of the product, usability, accuracy and future improvements.
For more information and download link, please go to ... larch-com/

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