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Measuring rudder pintle bearing clearances

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:52 pm
by Vegman
Has anyone done this job in dry dock?
We have a two pintle semi balanced rudder- I am working on some docking specs.
Is it generally considered acceptable to bend/squeeze the feeler gauges in through the limited gap between the rudder and the lower rudder horn (lower pintle) and between the rudder horn and hull (upper pintle) or is it necessary to open up the welded closing plate in order to get good access with your feeler gauges or even to pull out the rudder?

I have done it once before in a drydock but it was a bit of rushed job and the just took the clearances without dismantling anything- I was wondering if that is "normal" or "good" practice.

Re: Measuring rudder pintle bearing clearances

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:01 am
by popeye62
Hi Vegman
I was watching this job recently in DD (single pintle, semi-balanced) and the welded cover (actually this was a bolted and jointed cover) was removed. It is much easier and accurate this way i.e. you can see that you are getting a true clearance and not measuring a 'lip' in the bush or liner if fitted.
Having said that, in-water surveys, including pintle measurements are accepted by class. I cannot find any class requirements that state that the cover must be removed.
Presumably you have previous measurements and rates of wear? Is it likely that the clearance will exceed the 6 mm limit and the bushes will have to be changed anyhow?