Dangers of DPF ing

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Dangers of DPF ing

Postby Merlyn » Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:39 am

Well here's a new one,
Not had this happen before but very embarrassing to say the least.
Went out to a genset whose MIL light was on displaying a fault.
FCR the system, deleted all stored old codes and ran the plant up.
On comes the MIL light again, FCR the system and only one code is now displayed.
System requires DPF operation to be carried out.
Owners informed and agree to a DPF regeneration to be carried out.
Reconnect up computer, select as necessary on screen and stand back as the computer takes over.
Back goes the injection timing electronically, up goes the engine coolant system temps. to way over normal running temps. and up goes the RPM .
The high RPM is held electronically for many, many minutes when all of a sudden the engine races way over its governed RPM uncontrollably screaming its head off.
Shut down the process on the computer but still it's racing away way over it's governed top RPM.
Deep shit.
Cannot take what's happening onboard as it's all shut down electronically but continues to race away uncontrollably and no stop control accessible here as in the old days.
Claw at the air intake pipes and eventually strangle the bloody thing of it's necessary air supply, scary indeed as a rod with your name on it could be on its way.
Engine finally stops and apon removing turbo charger heatshields observe bad oileaks from turbo end bearings.
Bloody thing has been running on its own oil and taken charge of the DPF ing process.
Change turbo / oil and filter and run up plant.
Observe it's now endy rattling and oil pressure is down.
Not safe to resume DPF regen.
Obviously it's started to beat the big ends out.
But it was all ok before the DPF process was the cry.
But these turbo bearings/ seals have clearly been a problem for some time leaking oil although in truth the leak extent has been to some degree hidden by the heatshields.
However whose responsible at the end of the day?
Bit of a first timer here so all I can say at present is watch this space.
Any one else out there encountered this somewhat embarrassing situation?
Remembering The Good Old days, when Chiefs stood watches and all Torque settings were F.T.

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Re: Dangers of DPF ing

Postby JK » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:08 am

Well now I know you have a good heart. That must have had it racing.
I have not witnessed this exact scenario but I've have heard of that similar situation on a smaller diesel generator a bit before my time. They had to throw a bag over the turbo inlet to shut it down.
I have seen the end result of fuel pumps assembled out of timing so that at 0 load they had 20% fuel delivery. It caused extensive damage to the engine in 68 seconds. It would have been worse but the oiler crawled under the deck plates and shut off the fuel after they couldn't trip it locally. It was a miracle no one was killed.
I've also seen a DA run away, I can't remember the reason. the 1st shut it down with a broom to the governor trip. That was a scary incident as we were all clustered in the area doing an engine job.

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